Research and Analytical Instruments

Analytical facilities

In order to manufacture better quality products to our customers' satisfaction, we work to introduce various types of highly advanced analytical instruments. These instruments are not confined to our own production use, but are made available for use by various research institutes and educational institutions. We hope that STU can contribute to the activation of the whole industry through the use of such instruments by outside institutions, together with such knowledge sharing, resulting in the improvement of the level of technology in Japan.

High-frequency induction coupled plasma mass spectrometer

List of analytical instruments

Names of instruments Manufacturer name
Transmission electron microscope Shimadzu Corp.
X-ray fluorescence spectrometer Shimadzu Corp.
Analyzer for carbon and sulfur contained in metals Horiba, Ltd.
Laser beam machine Miyachi Corp.
Test-melting furnace for 100 kg of magnesium Tanno Roken Yugen-Kaisha
Gas chromatograph Hitachi, Ltd.
FT-NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) Hitachi, Ltd.
Emission spectrophotometer Shimadzu Corp.
Ultraviolet-visible spectroscopic optical altimeter Shimadzu Corp.
CCD microscope Schott Moritex Corp.

Introduction of testing equipment

Emission spectrophotometer

High-frequency induction coupled plasma mass spectrometer

Transmission electron microscope

Gas chromatograph

Ultraviolet-visible spectroscopic optical altimeter

Constant temperature bath

Dust explosion device

Laser laboratory

Siliconit electric furnace

Ultrapure water production system