Magnesium-related Business

Magnesium products

Among utility metals, magnesium is the lightest, with various excellent properties. Owing to its superior lightness and stiffness, magnesium alloy is regarded as a substitute for plastic, and is already used in automobiles and for portable OA/AV equipment for the body of personal computers, video cameras, etc. Amid mounting concern over global environmental issues, demand for the alloy is growing worldwide thanks to its easy recyclability. For some time, as part of our earnest efforts to respond to the demands of the present age, we have been working on a next-generation magnesium alloy which is not only light and stiff, but easy on the environment and the human body. With a stock of experience and technologies accumulated since the establishment of this company, not to mention software, hardware, factories and machinery, we are prepared to produce the alloy safely without harming the environment. This is a big feature of our company.

Manufacturing and sale of magnesium alloy

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We manufacture and sell magnesium alloy chips for thixomolding, available in two standard sizes, 4.0mm and 6.0mm. To meet our customers' needs, we also offer a variety of magnesium alloy chips other than the standard products AZ91D and AM60B.

Mg Recycling

STU is conducting a study on recycling spent magnesium involving use of laser beams.

UH-Mg Alloy

Jointly with the Industrial Technology Research Institute of the Okayama Prefectural Government, STU is making a study of UH-Mg alloy, a carbon-reinforced magnesium alloy.