Technology for the recycling of magnesium scrap, with laser beams

Yoshiaki Hashimoto (STU Co., Ltd.), Yutaka Mitooka, Makoto Hino, Koji Murakami (Industrial Technology Research Institute of Okayama Prefectural Government),
Teruto Kanadani (Dept. of Mechanical Systems Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Okayama University of Science)
With a strong desire to reduce the weight of components and parts to diminish carbon dioxide emissions, the automobile industry is eager to use magnesium alloys, as their specific gravity is one-fourth that of steel and two-thirds that of aluminum. However, unlike other metals for which recycling systems are established, magnesium scrap is mostly discarded. This is attributed to baked-on oil and cross-linked urethane tightly adhering to the magnesium alloy and being difficult to remove with solvents or heat.